Michael Phelps sighting

Michael Phelps was standing 6 feet away from me at the Naval Academy pool and I didn’t have my camera with me.  Boo hoo.

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Another shaver in the house

DS 2 is 13 1/2 and I noticed a couple of months ago that the fuzz on his upper lip was getting darker and thicker.  Of course, it didn’t take long for DS3 to notice and start teasing him about his “moose-tash.”  So tonight, DS2 asks his dad to teach him how to shave.  The whole “shave” took about two minutes – a few swipes and he was done.

Look at his oh so serious expression.  That’s partly due to the fact that his intrusive mom is taking pictures of his private moment and his little brother is repeatedly yelling “you got the stuff up your nose.”  That’s privacy for you in this house.

The funniest part of the whole episode – after he had cleaned up, DS2 turns to me and says, “so I’ll have to shave again tomorrow morning, right?”  Bwahhhhh!   I am sure that the new razor he got tonight will last all of 2010 and part of 2011.  :-)

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Puppy love

DD and DS3 want a dog.

DS3 asks almost every day when we can get a dog.  He thinks it unfair that our Cocker Spaniel Taffy died before he got a chance to meet her.  His method of approach is “wear mom down because she always gives in eventually.”  He’s pretty smart for being only 4.  DH and I explain how dogs are a lot of work and we are not ready for a dog right now.  He got a betta fish for Christmas.  We tell him he can have a hermit crab.  He still wants a dog.

DD uses a different tactic.  She sits and watches shows like Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet with eyes so sad it breaks my heart.  She understands that dogs are a lot of work and that mom would totally go bonkers if we added a dog to the family but she wants one anyway.  We tell her no – it’s not going to happen any time soon.

And then I catch DH looking at dog pictures on the Internet and watching the Westminster Dog Show with the kids.  Hmmm.  Then I find myself looking at dog pictures on the Internet, researching breeds and looking at available dogs at the local humane society.  And now I have proof – I am absolutely totally insane because I have this feeling that we will have a new family addition before the year is out.  Somebody help me…

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Hello again and a new passion

It’s been over a year since I’ve written a post for this blog.  I was seriously considering giving it up but then decided to give it one more shot mostly because I want to have a record of my days and thoughts, however mundane they may be.  Who knows, some day my kids may read this and learn something about me that they didn’t know.

Where to start… I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography but a class just didn’t fit into my busy schedule.  One day I was surfing the web and found an online photography class taught by this fabulous teacher, Karen Russell.  Her class is so popular that she has a waiting list of more than a thousand students but I was fortunate and got into her class that started in January.   I am currently in week 6 of 9 of her class and I have learned so much.  Karen explains things simply and is so helpful answering all of the students’ questions.  I am SO excited about finally understanding f-stops and how aperture and shutter speed work together with the ISO to create the proper exposure.  I no longer shoot in Auto mode and can actually shoot in manual mode if I want.  That doesn’t mean my pictures are better – in fact, I am shooting more duds than I did before the class but it feels great when everything comes together and I get one fantastic shot.  What’s more important, I have a new passion – something that brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Since it’s been a year, here’s a photo of DS3 that I shot a few days ago.  He’s still very cute and he’s still a stinker.  How I love him though…

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Slowly dying laptop

My laptop of 5+ years is dying a slow painful death.  It’s been slow for a couple of years but now it’s an absolute dog.  Window refreshes take almost a minute. I can’t have more than one application running at the same time.  I’ve checked everything.  Zone Alaram, Symantec Anti Virus and all other running applications.  I just don’t know what is wrong anymore.  To add to my frustration, the stupid space bar keeps sticking.  Aaagh!  I’m ready to drop kick this ancient behemoth across the room and get a sleek new machine but DH wants me to get all the data off so that he can reimage the hard drive.  Blechh!

I can’t stand to type anymore with this dang machine so I’m going to go outside and play with DS3.  It’s 40+ degrees today for the first time in over a week.  Yeah!

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Don’t be quick to make judgements

This winter has been fairly mild until yesterday when the high didn’t break 30 degrees.  I know I’m a wimp.  That’s why I don’t live in Buffalo, Chicago or anywhere else where there are more winter days below freezing than above.  Anyway, yesterday as I drove DS3 to preschool I saw a middle school boy waiting for the bus in his SHORTS!?!  My first thought was that the kid was nuts and my second thought was “how could his mom let him out of the house dressed like that” considering all my kids had on long pants when they left for school.  Hah.

Well, today was even colder than yesterday.  Since DH was out of town, I was the one in the kitchen making the kids’ lunches when DS1 came down for school – wearing SHORTS!!  I told him that it was barely 20 degrees outside.  His response?  That he only has to wait a few minutes for the bus.

So what kind of mom lets her son go to school wearing shorts in FRIGID weather?  Those like me who long ago gave up on getting her kids to listen when it’s not life threatening and who secretly hoped her son would freeze a little today just enough to learn his lesson.


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Not my finest moment

I had several people ask me today if I had a good Mother’s Day.  To most people I just said that it was fine but in reality it was horrible.  The morning started with my waking up and walking downstairs to find DH cooking eggs, DD and DS2 watching TV and DS1 and DS3 still asleep.  I said good morning and there was no response from the kids.   Hmmm.  I make my own coffee and sit down to eat the breakfast that DH cooked.  My kids are 14, 11, 9 and 3.  Except for the 3-year-old, the others are all capable of making me something for breakfast.  Then I discover that the kids already ate.  Their eyes still glued to the TV, they haven’t said anything about Mother’s Day.   Hmmm.

We get ready for church.  They give me cards that they’ve made (honestly not much effort put into them).  I take 2 cars to church because DD has to practice and sing with the children’s chorus during the service.  The rest of the clan are so late they miss DD singing.  Hmmm.  After the service, I take DS3 home and fold laundry.  They’re late coming home because they stopped off at the grocery store to buy me some flowers and to get frostingand cake.  DS1 wants to bake me a cake.  DS1 and DS2 fight about who is going to help make the cake.  Hmmmm.  I tell DS1 that he needs to start studying for his end of year exams.  He tells me he’s not going to.  HMMMMM!  DD and DS3 bicker constantly.

The rest of the day is uneventful and around 4 I realize there are absolutely no plans for dinner.  They have no idea what we’re having, whether we’re eating in or out.  I  start to seethe inside.  DS3 is exhausted so we realize we can’t go anywhere nice for dinner.  We end up at Chili’s.  Woohooo.  We order and while we wait for the food, the bickering starts again.  By this time I am at a full boil.  I let them have it.  I calmly tell them how they failed at making this the “best Mother’s Day ever” as they wished me in their cards.  I tell them how disappointed I am at their lack of thought and preparation.  I so wanted to call a cab and come home but I sat there and ate my tasteless dinner.  There was no conversation other than with DS3.

I know I behaved badly but I guess I was expecting something different after the royal tantrum I threw on my birthday only 2 weeks ago.  But nothing changed.  What did I get for Mother’s Day?  Just the lopsided strawberry cake.

It would all be worth it if they actually heard me but I don’t think they did.  Am I asking too much to be pampered and doted on 2 days out of 365?  Forget pampering and doting – just to be appreciated would be nice.


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